Hitoshi Yoshikawa transferred to Columbia College Hollywood’s BA film program, following his graduation from Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan. He has been working as a director/producer for a broad spectrum of projects ranging from music videos, commercials, films and more. In 2006, he produced “Akira’s Hip Hop Shop”, directed by Joe Doughrity and it won DGA student film award for Best Director. His short film “Anne Jennings” was released in 2010 and won more than 10 awards in the U.S. and Japan. He established his own film production company, Flying Samurai Pictures in LA in 2011 after his graduation from CCH and produced several films including an award winning feature film starring Lauren Taylor, “Slit Mouth Woman in LA ”. A docufilm, “Wonder Women” produced by his company, has won the 2017 Daytime Emmy for Best Travel and Adventure Program. His latest feature film “Shambhala” will be released in Japan in 2018.
1978年5月生まれ。国立名古屋工業大学を経て、映画『きみがぼくを見つけた日』監督ロベルト・シュヴェンケを輩出したコロンビア大学ハリウッド(CCH)の監督学科に編入。実践を重んじる同大学にて映画制作について学び、映画、CM、ドキュメンタリーなど幅広いジャンルの映像を監督、プロデュースしている。2006年には同大学のJoe Doughrity監督作品『Akira’s Hip Hop Shop』に共同プロデューサーとして企画段階から参加。同映画はDGA(全米監督協会)から第13回DGA最優秀作品賞に選ばれる。2010年に監督・脚本を担当したAnne Jenningsにて、日米合わせ10以上の賞を受賞。2011年にはロサンゼルスに映像制作会社 Flying Samurai Picturesを設立し、2014年Lauren Taylor主演「Slit Mouth Woman in LA」では国内外多数の賞を受賞。制作を担当した『Wonder Women』では旅・冒険プログラム部門にて2017年第44回エミー賞を受賞。プロデューサーとして参加した日米印合作「Shambhala」が2018年に公開予定。



“Wonder Women”

44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards-Won Outstanding Travel & Adventure Program


“Ordinary Life”

Short Shorts Film Festival-Nominated for Best Picture
Environmental Film Festival of Accra- Nominated for Best Picture
Environmental Film Festival in The Nation’s Capital- Nominated for Best Picture
Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival- Nominated for Best Picture


“Anne Jennings”

Nagaoka Asian Film Festival-Won Best Director
Yasujiro Ozu Memorial Tateshinakogen Film Festival-Won the Runner-Up Award
Los Angeles Movie Awards-Won Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Score
Alaska International Film Festival-Won Kodiak Award
Los Angeles Reel Film Festival-Won Best Foreign Film and Best Screenplay
California Film Awards-Won Silver Award and Best Actress


“Akira’s Hip Hop Shop”

Directors Guild of America (DGA)-Won Best Director student film award
The 5th Annual Con-Can Movie Festival-Nominated for Best Picture





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